903.6 Hotel Room Inspection Procedures. It is recognized that exhibitors whose cats cause damage and usual cleaning to hotel rooms cause show-production clubs great hardship. Therefore, at the option of the sponsoring club, the sponsoring club my elect to use the following procedures:
903.6.1 The show flyer shall clearly state the following:
903.6.1.1 "SKYWAY CAT CLUB has elected to use the Hotel Room Inspection Procedures for exhibitors who lodge at CANDLEWOOD SUITES using the club's group booking. Entry in this show, and lodging at CANDLEWOOD SUITES usingthe club's group booking, shall constitute an acknowledgment by and consent of the exhibitor to these procedures"
903.6.2 The club shall provide a copy of these rules to the show hotel, and obtain the cooperation of the hotel.
903.6.3 The exhibitor under whose name the hotel room is let shall, for the purposes of this rule, be the "Responsible Party."
903.6.4 "Damage" shall refer to abnormal wear and tear to the hotel room, including, but not limited to the following:
903.6.4.1 Cat urine.
903.6.4.2 Feces.
903.6.4.3 Claw marks.
903.6.4.4 Strong odor.
903.6.4.5 A substantial amount of cat litter outside a proper container.
903.6.4.6 A substantial amount of cat food outside a proper container.
903.6.4.7 Any other staining or damage not caused by normal wear and tear.
903.6.5 The hotel shall notify the show committee immediately upon ascertaining that a room has sustained

Damage, but not later than 4:00 PM on the date the Responsible Party has checked out of the hotel.
903.6.6 The show committee shall then, accompanied by a staff member designated by the hotel, inspect the room and note the location and amount of any damage as well as the date and time of the inspection on an inspection report. If possible, the show committee shall notify the Responsible Party, who may attend the inspection. If either the hotel or the Responsible Party disagrees with the assessment of any Damage as made by the show committee, the show committee shall, immediately upon conclusion of the inspection, allow that person to note the item or items of Damage disagreed with, as well as the date and time, on the inspection report.
903.6.7 The hotel will not undertake any cleaning or repair of the room until after the inspection. The hotel shall then provide the Responsible Party and the show committee with an itemized statement listing the cost of rectifying the Damage including repair, replacement or extraordinary cleaning fees (the "Repair Fees"). The club may elect to reimburse the Repair Fees directly to the hotel, in which case the club will immediately notify the Responsible Party that the club has done so.
903.6.8 The Responsible Party shall, within 21 days, reimburse the hotel or the club for the Repair Fees. Should
the Responsible Party fail to pay the Repair Fees within 21 days, the club shall notify the Executive Office, who shall then notify the Responsible Party pursuant to the Bad Debt provisions of these rules. The Responsible Party shall provide proof of payment of the Repair Fees. If the Repair Fees remain unpaid, those fees shall be considered a Bad Debt within the meaning of these rules, and the Responsible Party shall be temporarily suspended pursuant to the Bad Debt provisions of these rules.
903.6.9 If, immediately upon check in, the Responsible Party determines that the room is not adequately clean, or that there is damages already existing to the room, the Responsible Party shall immediately, or as soon as practicable, notify a member of the show committee. The show committee shall then inspect the room in the presence of the Responsible Party, and document any already existing damage to the room. Existing damage documented by a member of the show committee, or person designated by the show committee for such documentation, shall not be the responsibility of the Responsible Party under this rule.