February Show Summary Sheet
Show Manager
Theresa Kempton
727 289-1989

TICA Official Entry Form(in case you don't want to use TOES)
Fill out form and send by snail mail or scan and send by e-mail.

Entry Form with payment send together to the club:

​​​​Ancient City Cat Club
c/o Liz Hansen​​​
4899 Squaw Valley Drive
Ca​​ledonia, IL  60011
Terms & Conditions:  By entering the show you AGREE and ACCEPT the terms below:
​Show Rules: TICA show rules will be strictly enforced. By entering, exhibitors agree to abide by the decisions of the judges and show committee. Official show rules, registration information & forms may be obtained from TICA, P.O. Box 2684, Harlingen, TX 78551 or viewed on their website at www.tica.org.

Payment: By entering the show, you agree to pay all fees within 24 hours of entering, whether you attend the show or not. Entry fees are NOT refundable or transferable. Fees must be received no later than the closing date of February 17th, 2020.  The club reserves the right to require payment in cash or money order. Payment at door must be in cash only and only if approved in advance. Our PayPal account is  ancientcitycc@gmail.com  Ancient City Cat Club will pursue any debt owed us to the extent of TICA show rules and Florida law. A charge of $45 plus all related fees will be assessed for a NSF check.

1. I will enter my cat(s) at my own risk, subject to the conditions in the Show Rules of THE INTERNATIONAL CAT ASSOCIATION and will abide by the rulings of the Ancient City Cat Club Show Committee.
2. I am at least 18 years of age and able to enter into a binding legal contract. If you are not 18 years old or older or over 18 but cannot enter into a binding legal contract, a parent or guardian must complete the online forms.
3. I understand that submission of one or more Entries constitute an agreement to pay for my entries even if I fail to bench.
4. I will send payment via PayPal or mail a check / money order payable to Ancient City Cat Club covering the entry fees for this show within 24 hours of submitting the form(s) or by the closing date of the show (whichever comes first) to the designated Pay Pal address only, ancientcitycc@gmail.com or by US mail to the club address: Ancient City Cat Club c/o TO BE DETERMINED.
5. To qualify for discounts on two (2) or more entries, cats must be TICA registered by the same owner.​

Entry limit of 175 
Limited groom spaces.​
Ancient City Cat Club