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Skyway Cat Club works with Girl Scout Troop #1049.
These wonderful Girl Scouts and their moms, are the best!
They work to raise funds for their special goals by working at the show as stewards.  These young volunteers help the
Skyway Cat Club show run smooth all day long.
There are six rings and each ring has its own steward.
Thank you for a wonderful job and we will see them again
in March 2011.
Skyway Cat Club
Tampa Bay

Learn about the different breeds of cats.
Learn how each and every breed is different in personality and looks.
Come and watch how each breed of cat is handled, evaluated by professional judges from all over the world. Feline health education available at shows. Promoting spay and neuter, helping find rescue cats a home so they dont stay in the shelter.
Girl Scout Troop #1049
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Cat Expert Robby Whyte describing Ragdoll on left
ragdoll standard
Carol Lawson  judging a Norwegian Forest Cat, brown mackeral tabby and white above on left.

Steve Lawson above on right judging the same breed, brown classic tabby and white.
norwegian forest standard